Why Ayurveda recommends drinking copperized water or Structured water or Tamra Jal for Humans and Animals

🌀 How to use it for removing Contaminants in water to use for drinking, cooking, cleaning vegetables, etc,…

💖 Why everyone across the globe to use?

🛍️ Where to buy? 👉 https://naturechoice.in/product/copper-plate-for-structured-water-and-purification/

♦️ Choose size as per your container 🟠 Thickness as per your budget

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Initial purchase guidelines

✅ To see the quality of our product need to wash it with tamarind & salt OR lemon 🍋 & salt 🧂 as it’s pure copper

✅ गुणवत्ता देखनी है इसे इमली और नमक दोनों से धो लें या नींबू और नमक दोनों से

🔸 Pure Copper – Oxidises quickly and gets a dirty look, that’s the reason need to wash

📌 That’s the reason for the look of the copper plate you received

♦️ Handmade by artisans, Comes with round edges

📢 Copperplate 💯 pure quality Vs Adulterated quality

♦️ Stainless steel (its alloy) initially looks brand new and fade out on usage though you clean it every day

Pure Copperplate (for structured water) looks old and used initially and on usage looks new with daily cleaning.🚿

🌀 If you are not an expert, you will end up using adulterated or mixed alloys – which are not much effective for making structured water 👊🏻 Which comes at a cheaper price doesn’t mean its good to use

💦 Get Copperplate for structured water 💧

For Home 👉 https://naturechoice.in/product/copper-plate-for-structured-water-and-purification/

For Bottles, Travel 👉 https://naturechoice.in/product/copper-plate-for-structured-water-and-purification-for-bottles/

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