Copper plate for Structured Water & Purification

Pure Copperplate made from Virgin Copper ore, not from recycled scrap


  • Enhance the quality of your water with our copper plate for structured water and purification. This plate is made from high-quality copper and naturally purifies and structures water for improved taste and health benefits. Perfect for home or office use.

Choose size as per your container

Thickness as per your budget

  • For Water Purification for natural eco living to make structured water

– It comes with smooth edges.

– It can be used for many generations

– It’s made from virgin raw ore, not from recycled scrap

– In the regular market low quality/ recycled copper is available for making Yantra writing, which is not suitable for making Structured Water

Q) Which one to choose?

A) If budget is not a problem then go for thick variants

Name Water Suggested
L * B * H
Regular Small 10 Ltrs
2.5 * 10 inch
Regular Thin 15 Ltr 3.5 * 12 inch
Regular Medium/ Thick 15 Ltr 3 * 12 inch
Standard Wide/ Wide Thick 20 Ltrs
4 * 10 inch
Standard Thin/ Thick 20 Ltrs 3 * 14 inch


Usage and Guidelines

  1. Copper needs to be washed every day before use with Tamarind + salt  or  Lemon + salt
  2. Dip in the pot or container at night, and remove it after 8 or 12, or 14 hrs, to make a structured water
  3. Suites for 10 to 15 to 20 liters of water


Choose size as per your container

Thickness as per your budget

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Nature Choice Copperplate for structured water
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  • This copper plate is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance the quality of their water. The unique properties of copper allow it to naturally purify and structure water, resulting in improved taste and health benefits.  This plate is perfect for use at home or in the office.
  • Benefits:

    • Enhances digestion

    • Slows ageing

    • Stops growth of harmful bacteria

    • Helps boost the immune system

    • Enhances hemoglobin synthesis

    • Strengthens bones

    • Increases metabolism

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 35.5 × 7.6 × 0.1 cm

3 inch * 12 inch * 0.5 mm, 3 inch * 12 inch * 1 mm, 3 inch * 14 inch * 0.5 mm, 3 inch * 14 inch * 1 mm, 4 inch * 10 inch * 0.7 mm


Regular Small 10L, Regular Thin 15L, Regular Thick 15L, Regular Medium 15L, Standard Wide 20L, Standard Wide Thick 20L, Standard Thin 20L, Standard Thick 20L, Combo Thin, Combo Thick, Regular Wide 15L

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