Siridhanya Millet Rava Combo – Siri Millets Ravva – 2 kg Combo

Past, Present, Future food for many beings including Humans

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Unpolished neat and clean Siri Millets rava

  • Made from Unpolished Millet Rice and Chemical Free
  • Best for Upma, Idli, Ambali


Making of Ambali/ Fermented Porridge/ Gruel  👉👉


Making of Ambali/ Fermented Porridge/ Gruel  👉👉


Combo of Each millet rava  individually

Foxtail/ (కొర్రలు, Kangni)

Kodo/ (అరికలు Hindi: Kodra)

Barnyard / (ఊదలు)

Little / ( సామలు Hindi: Kutki)

Browntop/ (అండు కొర్రలు Kannada: Korle) – in case of no stock Jowar Ravva will be added

Original price was: ₹570.00.Current price is: ₹550.00.

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Nature Choice siridhanya rava made from Kodo, Small, Foxtail, Barnyard, and Browntop millets, also known as Shree Anna.


Siridhanya millets, also called as Sree Anna  contain a considerable quantity of dietary fibre, ranging from 8% to 12.5%, and are gluten-free, which aids digestion in the body.

Weight 3.01 kg
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 18 cm
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