Dawachai An Herbal Mixture an immunity booster

Natural alternative for Harmful Tea, Coffee


DAWACHAY is a herbal concoction

This is one of the natural alternatives for chemically rich, highly processed and harmful tea, coffee

If one is suffering from Cold, Fever, initial Viral symptoms, it’s the best choice.

Process of preparation :

1. Take *1 tablespoon* of DawaChay mixture (powder) for 2 cups (200 ml) of chai.

Take *1 teaspoon* of DawaChay mixture (powder) for 1 cup (100 ml) of chai.

2. Soak DawaChay for 15 min to 1 hour or 2 hours before making it.

3. Heat the decoction on medium flame and bring it to boil for 5 to 10 Minutes.

4. After the chai is boiled filter it.

5. Add Palm jaggery/ Sugar cane jaggery as per your taste

6. Don’t mix with milk, sugar, Honey, and any kind of tea powder.

7. Everyone can drink this DawaChay ‘no age Restrictions’.

Once filtered, add water and soak the powder and boil again, it can be used 3 to 4 times like this can be taken throughout the day.

Note: Add Jaggery after filtering and before you sip

100 gms
DAWACHAY DAWACHAi alternatives for tea, coffee
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DAWACHAY is a herbal tea as a natural alternative for chemically rich, highly processed and harmful tea, coffee

Prevents, and gives relief from Cold, Fever, and initial Viral symptoms.

Overcome craving for Black coffee, Green tea, Tea, enjoy Herbal tea

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