Amruthadhara Herbal Formulation

Relief from Pain, Cold, Cough, Clears the phlegm from Sinus to Lungs contains all natural ingredients


  • Amruthadhara Herbal Formulation is a unique blend of traditional herbs and medicinal plants that helps to boost immunity and promote overall wellness.
  • Highly effective remedy for Cough, Cold, Headache, Fever, Pains.
  • Usage
  • Helps to clear the phlegm from Nose, Sinusitis, Upper Respiratory tract (URT)
  • Helps for faster recovery


10 ml
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Amruthadhara Herbal Formulation is a 100% natural and safe Ayurvedic product that has been formulated using a potent combination of herbs and medicinal plants. This herbal formulation is effective in treating various health issues and improving overall well-being. It helps to boost immunity, promote digestion, and provide relief from cold, cough, and fever. With regular use, it helps to strengthen the body’s natural defense system and improve vitality.

How to use

  • Put one drop/ only one drop on a cloth/ kerchief, wear as a mask to inhale continuously as many hours as you can
  • Put one drop in hot water and inhale with the steam
  • For children, ask them to inhale from a certain distance.
  • For pains, apply on the skin
  • For fever, apply on the Forehead.

Remember it’s the great grandfather of Zandubalm, Vicks, etc,…. and it’s made from all natural products.

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