Kodo Millet Rice


Traditional Indian medicine Kodo millet is classified as langhana in Ayurveda, which means bringing lightness to the body, and is classified as Trina Dhanya Varga – (grains that are produced by grass like plants).

  • Gluten Free Food
  • Rich in fiber so help in metabolism
  • Helps to maintain body temperature
  • Good source of B-complex vitamins
  • Rich Anti – Oxidant


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Nature Choice Kodo millet is a nutrient-dense grain that can be used in place of rice or wheat. With a remarkable 11% protein content per 100 grammes, it is also a good source of fibre (10 grammes), carbohydrates (66.6 grammes), calories (353kcal), and fat (3.6 grammes), as well as calcium, iron, polyphenols, and other minerals.Kodo millet is also known as cow grass, rice grass, ditch millet, Indian cow grass. It is called as Kodo dhana in Hindi, Arikalu in Telugu, Varagu in Tamil, Kodro in Gujarati, Harka in Kannada, Kodon in Urdu.

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